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Organisational responses to high performance work systems in comparison of existing case studies…, this is the topic

To try and identify the factors that account for the variations /differences in high performance work practices across organisations …this is my dissertation question

the ‘best fit’ work is a case of trying to find case studies of contrasting approaches at ‘best fit’. One of the long-standing issues with HRPS is that most organisations do not implement these in their entirety, they do so in a piecemeal fashion, and this could be a focus of the dissertation as to what the reasons for this might be?

so basically the interest of my dissertation is why some organisations chose the HR practices that do and why others don’t. so basically comparing 3 organisational case studies to see the different High performance practices used and why they are chosen and why they differ between organisation.

Type of service: Dissertation services
Type of assignment: Dissertation
Subject: Management
Pages/words: 15/8000
Number of sources: 30
Academic level: Bachelor’s
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Single
Language style: UK English

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