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Assignment Name: Research Task 2: Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography

ASSIGNMENT: Conduct a literature review of the topic/research question “Do U.S. teachers teaching from grades 9th-12th grades in the U.S.understand technology used in teaching and/or being used in the classroom enough to teach students correctly? Create an annotated bibliography round that advanced research question are important step in finding out more about the topic. Explain what is the difference between an annotated bibliography and a literature review? Find at least 8 scholarly journal articles, 2 books, and 1 website that detail research or information about some aspect of the research question/topic (these numbers are a minimum; to achieve the highest points possible, go beyond the minimum by having at least 10 total references in at least 3 different mediums — i.e. journal articles, books, websites, newspaper articles, dissertation studies, etc). Also address the following in the research paper: Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between annotated bibliographies and literature reviews. The idea behind a literature review is to build a case for your topic being relevant and to map out what you would like to discover about the topic through your research. What do we already know about the topic? What foundational research is out there that is being used to drive instruction and/or policy? What conflicting views did you uncover? What contribution to the body of knowledge will your study support?

2. Write 3 page literature review answering the questions above and referencing the Literature Review Guide Questions. Be sure to cite the literature in your summary and in a reference page.

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Type Of assignment: Research Paper
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