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Research project 2000-2500 words
(make sure that you don’t go over the word limit) Assessment criteria Tick

Title of the project

Choose an appropriate topic for your research project and discuss this with your tutor to agree the focus of your work before undertaking any further activity.

Your research should consider factors that influence health and well- being and could include one or more of the following in relation to health and lifestyle choices – obesity, smoking, age, gender, geographical location, and poverty for example.

Narrowing down your topic in relation to what it is you wish to study will take some time and will require you to research your chosen area more fully before deciding what it is you wish to complete. You should refer to journal articles and respectable sites to get you thinking more about your topic area and what it is exactly that you would like to focus your research on.

*Tip- Keep it simple! A complicated idea does not equal a higher grade necessarily. A well designed an executed research project will get you that higher grade!

This will be achieved by completing the outline plan due to be handed in Monday 12th April 2021.

Aims and rationale

State what your research project aims to investigate.
State why this subject is of interest to you
State how this research project can help you in your chosen career

There is a tool on Moodle entitled ‘Potential Research Questions and Tool’ which will help you to work out your aims and develop your research question and/or hypothesis

Provide a background and rationale supporting the reason or exploring the topic that you have chosen to research. This should consider the feasibility and importance of the issues being addressed

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