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This assessment is intended for students to show their in-depth understanding of a particular issue of their choosing and how the information can apply an ethical system as perspective.
Skills included in this assessment include note-taking, presentation skills, research skills, time management, and critical evaluation. This type of assessment also prepares students for their Assessment B Case Studies where they must apply multiple systems to a situation given to them.
2, 3, 4 (see Element Guide)

Students should choose ONE of the uploaded sample articles for the details needed to complete the ethical approval form. Students will use the ideas from the article to answer the ethical checklist and to summarise the intent of the project (students should paraphrase this information as if they are proposing a study that has not yet been done but should use the information given to apply answers e.g. Does this study involve human participants?- Students will check yes if human participants are mentioned as used in the article, no if it is a study solely on animals)
Essential and Supplementary reading will be provided to help students understand the questions and required ethical restrictions.
Students are expected to complete the form as guided, no additional citation of the article is needed.
This assessment will be fine graded out of 100.
This component will be graded using right/wrong Marking Criteria which relates to each article choice given for the checklist and general information and the marking criteria given for quality of the summary and risk assessment.

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