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14.1 Introduction

This essay discusses the experiences faced when producing the documentary, The AWOL: A Behind-the-Scenes Documentary and engages with three related aspects of the film and its development. The first of these elements discusses the nature, aims, and objectives of the project. The second aspect focuses on questions of audience and of intended viewership, as well of issues related to distribution and exhibition of The AWOL together with the documentary (Godfrey 2016, pp. 80-82). The third and final section focuses on original film The AWOL as a film text. In this part, there is consideration of the film in genre terms, of its use of relevant codes and conventions of applicable genres, as well as the extent to which generic tropes are subverted. This aspect of the essay also reflects on production and post-production choices made, and on how these have combined to shape the final text, not least as discussed in the documentary. Throughout, the essay draws on academic, professional resources, and personal reflections and makes connections to other filmic texts as appropriate to indicate The AWOL’s inspirations, relationships to other films, and to points of reference (Mann 2010, pp. 102-104).

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