Online Portfolio
A Word document of two reflection of your choice (should be submitted for your formative.
Reflections on Competencies:
Which are
• Gain an insight into communication in an inter-professional healthcare team.
• Demonstrates an understanding of infection control procedures.

Online Reflective portfolio – Summary of Requirements
Introduction – a short introduction to your online portfolio
Reflections on Competencies:
• Gain an insight into communication in an inter-professional healthcare team
• Demonstrates an understanding of infection control procedures
-Reflection of learning from placement

Conclusion – a short conclusion to your online portfolio

Reflection advice- Q and A
Q) How many references are needed?
A) A minimum of 3 references should be used per reflection. It is not necessary to include additional references in the mandatory training and CPD reflections, though you may do so if you wish.
Q) Do I need a reference list?
A) Yes, you will require a reference list for each of the ‘reflections on competencies’ that you write a reflection for. Citations in text are pointless without the reference list and vice versa. This should be as Harvard referencing.
Please go to the following link for support:
Q) What is a reflective model?
A) A reflective model or framework is designed to encourage a structured process for reflection. There are a number of reflective models; some examples are: Gibbs, Borton, John’s. Try researching these, along with the teaching resources on reflection from this module and see what fits for you or the situation you are reflecting on.
Q) Is there a word count?
A) There is no word count for this piece but every effort should be made to produce each reflection. This should not only demonstrate what you have learnt but a self-critique of what you still need to work on. You are also required to consider your future practice, what will you take forward?
Q) Can one describe a particular case/patient/interaction with a radiographer or other health professional?
A) You can refer to the case but in no circumstance should you break confidentiality, this would result in a fail. You should also keep the placement site confidential.
Q) Why are references used?
A) Reviewing literature is important; you should consider if what you have experienced/learnt/felt/ observed etc is something that others have too? Research increases our knowledge and can improve situations or outcomes. Therefore, it is highly relevant to use whilst reflecting.
Is there a reason for how you performed in a particular area for example? You’re looking to demonstrate with the use of literature that the reflective process has deepened your knowledge. Therefore, your reflection should not be superficial i.e a description of an event.
Q) Should it be structured in a particular format?
A) There is no definite structure to use, though if you choose to use a reflective model this might provide you with subheadings.
Q) Is presentation, grammar and spelling assessed?
A) Yes, every effort should be made to submit a quality piece of work. If these elements are poor it can change the meaning of the content. If the reader cannot understand the work it cannot be marked. It is important to proof read your work and advisable to read it aloud.
Q) Is this work graded?
A) This work is Pass/Fail.
Q) What happens if one fails?
A) If you fail the reflections, you will fail the portfolio. You may be given a referral opportunity following the exam board. If this is the case you will be given a second opportunity to work on the reflection and resubmit.
Further information regarding references
In any academic reflective writing, we would expect some evaluation in relation to evidence based practice (EBP). References are expected to underpin your work. The online portfolio also allows you to make links to relevant websites, however these should still be referenced accurately. A piece of reflection with no evaluation in relation to EBP would not meet the requirements of level 4 writing. So, references relevant legislation, evidence from peer-reviewed papers, policy documents from professional bodies etc… would be expected.
How to get details of the resubmission
Referral information (i.e. what you need to do) will be posted on Blackboard after the assessment board. You are strongly advised to seek tutorial support if you find yourself in this position.

Type of service: Academic Paper writing
Type of assignment: Reflective Writing
Subject: Healthcare & Medicine
Pages/words: 4/1100
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: HNC/HND
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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