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Life Cycle of a Record Type or Record Series
To improve the life cycle of a record type or record series at an organization.
All records irrespective of the media they reside on have a lifecycle. Records are created, used, kept in active or inactive storage, and are finally disposed off (either destroyed at the end of their lives, or stored in archives if they represent historical value). Do you know how records move through your organization? Is the movement secure and efficient, and is there an end to the life (long or short) of the record being created.

  1. Arrange an interview with two business unit representatives (from the same unit) in your organization. Ask them what they consider to be the steps in the life cycle of one specific record type. Write down their responses.
  2. Compare the responses collected from Step 1 with the appropriate life cycle model discussed in the course.
  3. Write a statement about how the life cycle model generated in Step 2 can be improved. What factors should the representatives have considered in the life cycle of the record type that they did not convey to you.
  4. Design a new life cycle model that you believe communicates the concept of life cycle of the selected records.
    Note: If you are not able to conduct interviews, you can choose a record type or record series of your interest ( My Interest- Library) or one that you feel could benefit from the lifecycle approach. Please feel free to use a record type or record series from your existing organization or any previous organization that you were a part of.
    Classification Criteria
    Comparison of Life cycle Model
    The ability to identify the stages correctly and link them to a model from course
    The ability to analyze the cycle for existing weaknesses and suggest improvements
    Is a correct life cycle selected and how are the stages justified
    Please check out the following website for your additional reference.

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