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Email to A Trainee
To: A Trainee
From: Lucy Edwards Date:
Today’s date
Subject: Megarry Developments Limited – Site at Bristol Road, Birmingham
A Trainee,

Welcome to your new seat. It was great to meet you at our introductory meeting last week, and I am
really looking forward to working with you over the next six months. I should be very grateful if you
could assist me with undertaking some work on a new matter that came in last week.

One of my key clients is Megarry Developments Limited (Megarry Limited), a national property
developer. I have just been instructed by Charles Wilson, the company’s Acquisitions & Development
Director, that Megarry Limited has agreed terms to enter into a joint venture agreement with Mr Harris
in respect of property at Bristol Road in Birmingham (the Site). Mr Harris owns three parcels of land,
title numbers: WM65431 (Title B), WM65634 (Title C); and WM65422 (Title D) (together the Harris
Property) at the Site and is proposing to transfer them into a newly formed company Wade
Developments Limited (the JV Company) for £150,000. The Council own title number WM10003 (Title
A) and is likewise proposing to a long lease of Title A to the JV Company.

We do not act for Mr Harris, although I understand from Charles that Mr Harris has previously run a
printing business with his wife from part of the Harris Property. The printing works are largely contained
in the parcel that is Title B. I understand from Charles that Mrs Harris no longer intends to be involved
in the family printing business going forwards as she has been ill. I have forwarded an email that I have
received on this point from Charles, below.

Megarry Limited are intending to enter into a joint venture agreement with Mr Harris and both parties
will ‘buy’ into the JV Company– Wade Developments Limited. As part of the joint venture Mr Harris will
transfer Titles B, C and D into the JV Company. Mrs Harris is not intended to be part of the joint venture
deal or involvement in the company. We will act for the JV company. Mr Harris has confirmed to Charles
that he would like to avoid instructing a lawyer and obtaining separate legal advice, if possible.

In terms of structure, the intention is that the JV Company will take a 999-year lease of Title A from the
Council who are keen to see the whole site re-developed as:

• Block A – 80 residential houses;
• Block B – 3 storey building comprising retail shops (ground floor) with residential flats above;
• Block C – 8 storey building comprising ground floor gym and leisure facilities with student
accommodation above;
• Block D – 15 storey office building which will be pre-let to a bank; and
• Block E – A hotel.

For the moment could you help me deal with some initial concerns. I have attached the Title information
with this pack. Please do not look at the charges registers for the moment, but could you consider
potential conduct issues and potential issues involving Mrs Harris including undue influence?

Please could you prepare a draft email to me dealing with these initial issues. I will check this and use it
as a basis for my advice to Charles. As we have not worked together before, I hope that the following
specific guidance assists you with understanding what I am looking for with this piece of work:

• Your email should be no more than 500 words please, as I prefer a succinct style of writing.
Clients also prefer concise advice;
• Do remember to comply with the firm’s Housestyle Guide (Document 1);
• As an example of what I am looking for, you may wish to refer to other emails that Trainees
have previously prepared for me [Note to students: See exemplar for Seminar 1];
• As in any example emails, I would like you to cite full statutory and caselaw authorities for all
relevant points; and
• The matter reference is MEG.072-103 for time-recording purposes.

Many thanks, and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your work on this.

Kind regards
Lucy Edwards

[Note to students: Whilst you would ordinarily use footnotes in an academic essay, this is not
appropriate in a law firm email, and you should use the exemplar from Seminar 1 as a guide as to the
required format for this task]

Type Of Service: Academic paper writing
Type Of assignment: Team Paper
Subject: Law
Pages/words: 15/4000
Number of sources: 80
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Paper Format: OSCOLA
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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