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First, you should synthesize

the key analytical points and supporting evidence in a succinct manner with a reasonable degree of

specificity. Secondly and more importantly, the memo should be a critical assessment of the

readings. Engage with the readings and the authors. Was the reading compelling? Helpful?

Important? Lacking in something? Relate one reading to the others, compare and contrast them.

These are only suggestions. You can also focus on some aspect of the reading that caught your


A memo should be at least 5 pages, double-spaced, page-numbered, and typed in Times New

Roman with 12-point font. For this exercise no need for bibliographical information except

sources other than the required readings, but you must provide page numbers for all direct

quotations. You should have proofread it—as with all other written assignments—before turning it



– Liff, Adam P. 2021. “Japan in 2020: COVID-19 and the End of the Abe Era,” Asian Survey

(2021) 61 (1): 49–64.

– Woodall, Brian. 2020. “Japan in 2019: Diplomatic Strains, Domestic Dilemmas, and a New

Imperial Era”, Asian Survey, 60 (1): 47-60.

– Woodall, Brian. 2019. “Japan in 2018: Abe Rule, Trump Shocks, and Mother Nature’s Wrath,”

Asian Survey, 59 (1): 63-76.

-Calder, Kent E. 2018. “Japan in 2017: Political Consolidation amid Global Volatility.” Asian

Survey, 58 (1): 43-54

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