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Title of Assignment:

3 separate tasks.

An evaluation of the character development of Napoleon* pig within

G. Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ (750 wds)

Assignment Number: of for this Unit

Description of Assignment:

Task 1:

Fashion a table which correlates the characters to be found within Animal Farm to

their real-life counterparts. + Provide brief commentary as to Orwell’s choice of

animal representation.(250words)(criteria 1.1)

Task 2:

Fashion a table which makes it possible to draw a correlation between the narrative

and real-life events. + Provide brief commentary where there is a departure/deviation

justifying the reasons for Orwell’s ‘shift’ from the purely historical.(criteria 1.2, 1.3)

Task 3:

Refer to essay title above. Note the asterisk* above Napoleon’s name…you are free

to choose any significant character you wish. Amend title accordingly. Comment as

to your understanding/interpretation of the chosen character (criteria 2.1, 3.1)

(Please give as much guidance to the learner as possible. If there are a number of tasks, you

must indicate how each relates to the assessment criteria of the unit.

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