Chemistry 095 Laboratory – Format for Spring 2021
Experiment: Reaction Types
This laboratory content is associated with Chapter 8 in the Basic Chemistry textbook. Watch the ~26- minute
experimental video multiple times during this week, and also follow along with the lab report in your lab manual once
this material is covered in the lecture component of your course.
Link to the video, accessible with captioning, is here: logins-abey password:Charity1971@ TechSmith Knowmia
Streaming Link
Link to the same video, accessible with captioning, is here too: YouTube Streaming Link
After watching the video multiple times and following along with the procedure in your Chemistry 095 Lab Manual,
record all results in your lab report form.
In addition to the experimental video above, click here for another explanation of the five main types of chemical
reactions that are listed here:
Combination (synthesis) Reactions
Decomposition Reactions
Single Replacement Reactions
Double Replacement Reactions
Combustion Reactions
Always be aware that there is visible evidence of a chemical reaction taking place. Use the table to try to identify
some visible evidence of chemical reactions when watching this week’s experimental video.
Submit Lab Manual page 71 (Pre-Lab Questions) and Lab Manual pages 73-74 (Lab Report) in the manner by which
your instructor has requested.
Thank you for being patient with the manner in which we must administer the lab component of this course in light of
the current global situation and online labs. Remember, the HVCC chemistry faculty are committed to your
completion of this course in a manageable way for all involved.

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