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3.1 Task
‘The British constitutional order is based on the fusion of power. In such circumstances, claiming
separation of powers is wrong and meaningless.’
• Critically assess this statement with reference to the UK’s constitutional framework.
Your essay should be submitted as a Microsoft Word file. The word limit is 2,000 words.
3.2 Submission requirements
You must submit your assignment by using the Turnitin gateway in the module’s Canvas site.
Please Note: When you submit you will be asked to confirm you have referred to the Submission
Checklist (see Appendix 1) and the act of submitting your work electronically will be taken as an
acceptance of the Declaration of Authorship (see Appendix 2).
1 The grade is provisional until confirmed by the relevant assessment board(s). Your work will be marked in grades
rather than percentages. This is considered to deliver the most accurate and fair outcomes for students. Each
assessment that you undertake will be assessed using the common grading system. Information about the grading
system can be found in your Student Handbook, Section 10.
The Grade Criteria can be found in Appendix C of your Student Handbook.
Assessment Brief: LSBM214 – 2020-21 Page 3

  1. Learning Outcomes for the assessment
    This item of assessment covers the following learning outcomes. For the full list of learning outcomes
    for the module, please refer to the Module Study Guide.
    • Understand and evaluate the UK’s constitution and the impact of EU Law and the
    European Convention on Human Rights (and the Human Rights Act 1998) on the UK’s
    • Critically analyse and evaluate the UK’s constitution and human rights in the UK.
    • Accurately, clearly and appropriately communicate (C2 and C6).
    • Produce rational arguments supported by relevant evidence (C2 and C4

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