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Psycho Social Case Studies

Alexander is a 72 year old male living in social housing. He was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 10 years ago. His breathlessness is getting increasingly worse. Alex started smoking at the age of 15 as all his friends had started smoking. By the age of 20 was smoking 35-40 cigarettes every day. Now he smokes around 25 a day but acknowledges that he ought to quit completely.

Naomi is 12 years old. She lives with her mum, her mum’s partner and 3 siblings in Nottingham city. Her mum works in a local shop but her mum’s partner is out of work. The family do struggle with their finances and often have to resort to food banks. Naomi was recorded as being slightly overweight when she started school, since then her weight has increased year on year and she has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Her Mum and all her siblings are overweight also.

Asif is 35 years old and works as an office manager in Nottingham city centre. He married at 25 and now has two young children and a wife who doesn’t work. Asif started playing slot machines in his teenage years and then combined this with buying scratch cards from the newsagents, 5 at a time from one shop then going to another to purchase another 5 and so on. There have been many times in Asif’s life when he has been completely broke because of his addiction and this has obviously caused marital strain. One year ago Asif started playing poker via the television in the early hours of the morning and after bad losses the previous night tried to recuperate these last night, unfortunately he lost again heavily. He has just arrived in the emergency department after a failed suicide attempt.

Wayne is 30, he began injecting heroin in his early twenties. At that time he was unemployed and often living rough or crashing out in other people’s houses. He often used to inject with others and sometimes equipment was shared. He now works as a refuse collector, a job he has held down for 2 years, he still uses heroin although he now snorts it instead of injecting it. In response to a local awareness campaign he recently got an HIV test which came back positive.

Christina is now 45, from the age of 11 she was sexually abused by her stepfather. She has always hidden this, although when she was a teenager she tried to tell her mum but got rebuffed and never spoke of it again. She began engaging in self destructive behaviour. She left home at 17 after she got a job and went to live with a friend. She manages to control things for long periods however due to a recent relationship breakdown she has recommenced her earlier behaviour. She is attending a routine 40+ check- up at her GP practice and discloses her childhood issues to the practice nurse.

Joseph now aged 28 grew up in Nigeria and moved to the UK with his family when he was 14. When he was 20 he started to hear voices and occasionally see things that he later realised weren’t actually there. He was started on medication, unfortunately his parents are not very sympathetic and his mother especially keeps telling him that he is possessed by the devil. After a period of bizarre behaviour he was asked to leave the family home, at the same time he also lost his job. He is now homeless and although he still has a GP he is suffering from the effects of being homeless and is non-compliant with his medication.

Eileen is 80, she is a widow and lives on her own after her husband Ray died 10 years ago. Eileen started having memory lapses and problems processing information around 4 years ago. Ray and her were a very close self -contained couple and used to like ballroom dancing. She has one daughter who lives in Australia. Eileen’s only other living relative is a niece who lives about 20 miles away. Eileen still lives in her own house and tends to walk to the shops most days. Recently however she has found that sometimes when she is out she suddenly doesn’t recognise where she is and it takes her a little while to work it out so she can go home. This has started to frighten her and she wishes that she had a friend to talk to.

Tom is 26, he was diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 5 years old. With help through school he did quite well and also was able to go to the local university and get a degree in Biosciences. However on leaving university he struggled to get a job. He doesn’t do very well in interviews as he can’t express himself very well verbally and also is often unsure what the interviewers want from him. He does gets odd manual jobs but these are usually temporary. He tries to keep up with school and university friends via Facebook, but rarely do his friends want to meet up with him. He sometimes meets girls through a dating app but generally these are just one off meetings, he would like a regular girlfriend. He was just turned down for Personal Independence Payment as he is seen as well educated, generally self – caring and working. Over the last few years he has been feeling less optimistic regarding his future and less motivated and quite down.

Nadia is 32. She lives with her husband Mike and her son Adam aged 8. Nadia didn’t do too well at school and didn’t get the grades to go to university so started working aged 18 in a supermarket. She met and married Mike aged 22 and was persuaded by him to give up work when Adam was born. Mike tends to make all the major household decisions often without consulting Nadia, he also sulks when Nadia visits her friends. More and more Nadia has felt that she wants more from life and when one of her friends started a course at a local college Nadia decided to study accountancy there. Mike wasn’t happy about this saying that they can manage financially without Nadia needing to study. He only agreed when Nadia promised that nothing would change and that Mike and Adam would not be neglected by her. However the course is more challenging than she had anticipated and she is finding it difficult to cook the dishes Mike likes from scratch and the house isn’t as tidy as it once was. She would like to share her enjoyment of the course with Mike and chat to him about it, but he either dismisses what she says, leaves the room or belittles her so now she doesn’t mention it. Tonight she burnt the rice and Mike told her she was ‘a bloody useless waste of space’.

  1. Amanda is 50 and has Down’s syndrome. She lives with her Mum Vera a relatively fit 85 year old. Amanda used to attend a day centre, but recently funding for this has been removed and she now has a personal budget. This means Amanda employs a personal assistant who takes her out once a week. Amanda is independent with self-care and also supports her mum with cooking and housework. Everyone tells her how useful she is around the house, how clever she is and what a good job she does helping her mum. This makes her feel proud and happy. Amanda has recently been complaining of feeling sick and having trouble going to the toilet. Her mum has spoken to the nurse at the local GP practice who has told her that people with Down’s syndrome often experience tummy upsets and not to worry. However, recently Amanda talks to her mum about how painful her stomach is and so they decide to make an appointment to see the GP. Amanda is quite anxious when she arrives to see the GP. As she doesn’t appear to be in pain when she is examined, the GP again suggested that people with Down’s syndrome often have digestive issues and not to worry. Consequently the GP does not offer any follow up or further investigations. Over the next few weeks Amanda’s pain continues.

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