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The assessment for this practical has two parts; each explained below
Part 1: Your Group Proposal (Group Mark, 10% of Assignment Mark)
As a group, you should come up with an idea, and draft your proposal on the form provided on the
blackboard. In Lab 1 you will discuss the rationale for you research with your lab tutor, in lab 2 you will
discuss your full proposal with your group tutor and by 10am the next day, you should have submitted your
final proposal on Microsoft Teams site, clearly labeling it ‘Study Proposal FINAL’. In preparation of the week
7 labs session, you should view the panopto recording explaining the requirement for the proposal and
come prepared to the first lab session to discuss your rationale for the research.
Your group will receive a mark for the proposal (see marking grid below). This will make up 10% of your
psychometrics component mark.
Your group mark can go individually by one mark in the restricted marking scheme (see blackboard for
restricted marking scheme) for those students who have shown high engagement within the module. The
engagement is evaluated on the basis of

  1. attendance to lab tutorials
  2. completion of agreed tasks for the next lab tutorial
  3. engagement with research participation through SONA system

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