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Giulia owns the freehold of a large field on the corner where two public
roads meet. The rest of Giulia’s field is bordered by another field
belonging to her neighbour Layla. The field is entirely unfenced, and
sometimes dog-walkers cross Giulia’s field on a shortcut from one public
road to the other.

When Layla decides to use her land to hold large and extremely noisy
raves, she asks Giulia for a licence to enter Giulia’s field as she needs
access to build lighting facilities for a techno room. Giulia lives nowhere
near the field so won’t be bothered by the disturbance that the raves
and the construction will bring, so she agrees to grant Giulia a six-month
licence to build the facilities. Several elderly local residents do object,
however, as they believe that they will be affected by the disturbance,
and they go onto the site and set up a small camp before Layla arrives.

While on the site, one of the residents, Helga, comes across an old
jewelled brooch half-embedded in the soil. She dislodges it and slips it
into her pocket. Later, on an errand to fetch food for the other
residents, Helga takes the watch to the jewellers for appraisal.

When Layla finally arrives, she finds the elderly residents lying down in
front of the lorries loaded with building equipment, blocking her access.
Layla is livid, and asks Giulia for help, but Giulia says she doesn’t want
to get involved. In addition, Giulia has read in the local paper that a
pensioner is reported to have found a Roman-era brooch in a field.

Advise Layla, Giulia and Helga.

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