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Ken Harlow bought the registered freehold property Coronation Estate from Gail Pratt, for £400,000, in January of this year and Ken has now been registered as the new proprietor.

Since January the following interests, none of which appeared on the register of title when Ken purchased the property, have come to light:

(1) In 2020 Gail granted a 2-year lease of Cabin Cottage on Coronation Estate to Rita, who immediately moved into possession. Rita has been on a world cruise for the last 3 months but is due to return home next week.

(2) Tracey, who lives in a property that adjoins Coronation Estate, says that she has an agreement, made by deed with Gail, that allows her to use a shortcut across a field in Coronation Estate for the rest of her life.

(3) Gail wants to build an extension to the large manor house on Coronation Estate, but another neighbour, Tracey, claims to have a deed that prevents the building of any extensions to the manor house.

(4) Steve claims that he agreed, in December 2020, to buy Coronation Estate from Gail for £350,000 and he believes that this agreement is binding against the estate.

After completion of the purchase, Ken discovered that Gail had removed the following items from Coronation Estate:

(a) a tapestry that was fixed to wood panelling in the hallway of the manor house.

(b) several statues from the gardens of the estate

Explain the nature of the four interests that have come to light, and whether, and if so, why, any of these interests are enforceable against Coronation Estate.

Was Gail entitled to remove items (a) and (b) from the property?

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