1. Introduction
    This week you will be able to concentrate on material that is directly relevant to your project method:
    experiment, survey or text-based. To help you identify the tasks you need to complete, they are
    marked with the following symbols:
    Week 14 study tasks
    You should set aside about 15 hours for this week’s core study tasks:
    Read one of the following chapters (5 hours).
    Chapter 11: ‘Doing your text-based qualitative research project’
    Chapter 12: ‘Doing your experimental project’
    Chapter 13: ‘Doing your survey project’ – you may also find it useful to view or review the screencast on survey methods that was referred to in Week 7.
    Complete a series of activities on understanding the importance of ethics in psychological
    Activity 1: Refresh your knowledge of the BPS’s ethical guidelines (1 hour)
    Activity 2: Understand obtrusive v. unobtrusive data collection methods (10 minutes)
    Activity 3: Storing data (20 minutes)
    Activity 4: Test yourself (1 hour)
    Complete a series of activities focussing on the detail of your research proposal and
    develop what is known as a research protocol.
    Writing your study title.
    Identifying your study objectives.
    Defining your planned method/methodology (including design, participants,
    recruitment, materials and procedure sub-sections).
    Identifying your proposed analyses.
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    Establishing the practical issues involved in running your study.
    Identifying any potential ethical issues.
    Writing your References and Appendices.
    Work through a checklist on your readiness to complete your project proposal. (1 hour)
    Extension activities
    Watch an interview from a television series on dealing with ethics. (1 hour)
    Read a paper on ethics and the internet. (1 hour)
    Week 14 learning outcomes
    After you have completed this week’s study you should be able to:
    understand the practical requirements of carrying out a project using an experiment, survey or
    text-based method, as relevant
    appreciate the need for psychological investigations to be conducted in an ethical manner
    apply the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) ethical guidelines to your project
    understand the value of participation in psychological studies
    identify the objectives of your planned research
    outline, in detail, the method/methodology you plan to use
    create a research protocol to help guide your research and inform your final research report.
    evaluate your readiness to construct a project proposal.

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