In this task you will evaluate the effectiveness of a strategic corporate communication. The communication is a short video produced by Romanoff Renovations, a company that provides and installs flooring across the United States.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the video, you will need to bear in mind the purpose of strategic corporate communication – to align the company’s vision, culture and values to create a positive image across stakeholder groups.

To begin the task you should watch the video and visit the company website ( and search for any text and/or images that communicate the company’s culture, values and image in order to answer the following question:

Do you think the identity of the company is coherently communicated in the video and is it consistent with the information on the website? Why/ why not?

You should use the content we covered in the week 7 lecture, when we explored strategic corporate communication.

Please write up your evaluation in approximately 500 words, in a way that provides feedback to the company on the effectiveness of the video.

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