Submission Format:
The submission for this assignment is as follows; A report including sections relating to the case study analysis and
the calculations required. A total of approximately 2000 words for the report part of the assignment should suffice.
Your answers should be written in a concise, formal business style. Where calculations are included it is preferable to
show each stage of the workings of the calculation rather than just the final answer. The selection of font face, font
size and line- spacing are left to your discretion but you should keep in mind the importance of clarity and readability
in professional documents. You are encouraged to use sketches, drawings, images, graphics, and charts to support
your report and the calculations. Any material that is derived from other sources must be suitably referenced using a
standard citation format.
Review the Unit Content from the Unit Specification along with the Learning Outcomes and Assessment
Criteria shown below thoroughly. This shows the depth of knowledge that you must demonstrate in the submission.
It is important that your submission meets ALL of the PASS criteria as a minimum requirement. Remember the tasks
set up in this brief provide the opportunity for you to respond appropriately to the assessment criteria.
Unit Learning Outcomes:
LO1 Calculate bending moments and shear forces for simply supported steel and concrete beams.
LO2 Determine deflection for simply supported steel beams.
LO3 Calculate the axial load carrying capacity of steel and reinforced concrete columns.
LO4 Explore design methods for steel, reinforced concrete beams and columns

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