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Principles and Practices of Supervision – BUS 847 – C21
Assignment 3
Assignment 3 – Individual Based
Scorecard: 10%
The purpose of this exercise is to understand the role and influence leadership plays within
organizations that are undertaking some type of change.
Please select one (1) of the leaders below and answer the following questions (1200 to 1250 words in

  1. Describe the problem/situation/challenge/issue the leader is facing within the organization.
  2. Describe the leader’s approach and action taken.
  3. Describe their leadership style. Relate it to the situation and course concepts.
  4. Describe how their leadership style is evident in the organization’s policy or vision/mission or
    culture or any other aspects of the organization you think are relevant.
  5. What do you constitute to be the critical aspects of leadership? Why? How would you describe
    your leadership style?

Assignment 3

  1. Doug Ford
    Please use the following link to answer Questions 1 to 4
    Maher, S. (2018). The Path to a one-term Doug Ford. Retrieved from:
  2. Mary Barra
    Please use the following link to answer Questions 1 to 4
    CBS News (2018). Trump urges GM CEO Mary Barra to reopen or sell Lordstown, Ohio auto plant.
    Retrieved from:
  3. Angela Merkel
    Please use the following link to answer Questions 1 to 4
    Goebel N. & Knight B. (2019). EU’s ‘Door is Wide Open’ despite Brexit. Retrieved from:

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