Assessment Part 1 – Presentation
You are required to create a presentation, for primary pupils, that demonstrates how you would teach a concept or aspect of subject knowledge, in relation to mathematics that you have learned during the module. You should demonstrate an understanding of the concept or aspect of subject knowledge and how to teach it. You should demonstrate an understanding of how pupils learn.
You should use PowerPoint to create your presentation.
Guidance on using Microsoft PowerPoint can be found in the Teaching and Learning Toolkit
Criteria for creating a successful Microsoft PowerPoint can be found here
Information about permissions and copyright can be found here
The presentation should:
• Follow the criteria for minimum requirements below (three sections).
• Be created using either audio or video presentation.
• Use a selection of organisational and presentational features within Microsoft PowerPoint, such as headings, a variety of font styles and colours, shapes, tables etc.
• Either follow a chosen Microsoft PowerPoint theme template, which you may customise, or follow a chosen PowerPoint theme template of your own.
• Contain one or more relevant images.
• Contain one or more links to relevant online resources or websites.
The presentation should be in three sections: intent, implementation and impact.
The structure below gives you guidance about what to include in your presentation and what the minimum requirements for the presentation are. You may choose to add additional information.
Section 1 Intent – planning for the lesson
Slides should include the following:
• Identify a year group (EYFS-Year 6), the group size (e.g. whole class, small group) and any specific individual pupil needs
• Identify one theme to study from the following, based on your chosen subject. You can refer to the folders in Learning Materials on the module Duo page:

For mathematics:

  • Addition and subtraction

• Choose one objective from the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for your chosen subject.
• Create one learning point within the objective – this will be the basis of your lesson in the next section (implementation). The key is not to take on the whole NC objective in one go but break it down into learning points and then focus on just one of these. Using the mathematics curriculum, here’s an example of how this might be done.

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