You are currently viewing Topic: Portrayals of native Siberians

Topic: Portrayals of native Siberians

Dissertation chapter draft feedback:

Responses to email:

  • Secondary material?
    • Main chapter bulk
    • Important for being able to frame my chapters
  • My sources:
    • More and more detailed is better-can use ‘see also’ in footnote to give a multi-example

General stuff:

  • Structure more chronologically
  • Double spacing
  • Tidy up my paragraphs-separated paragraphs when possible should be coherent
  • Make paragraphing CLEARER
  • Chronological organisation of source examples uniform across paragraphs
  • Maybe indigenous for title?
  • Idea: ‘Being civilised in Russian Siberia’


  • One larger paragraph better
  • Need to outline religion is important to discuss in context of my topic
  • Emphasise the place historiography has in my dissertation-what is important here
  • Good place to put the more specific religion historiography. Tease out larger themes in the intro chapter.


  • Alternate, perhaps ideal place to put some of the specific historiography-how does this support x or y

Specific chapter feedback:

  • Nomadic peoples nuance the understanding of them
  • All feeds into theme of ‘what is civilised’
  • Should at least try and mention the Buddhists if possible
  • Can discuss in first chapter what civilisation means to each author
  • Could use Catherine’s ‘The Antidote’ to discuss what the Russians see as civilised

Simon Dickson on Catherine the Great and the Russian Enlightenment

Want to start my introduction chapter with what is this topic and why is this significant before historiography

Try to keep the introduction short as possible

Not permitted to discuss anything substantial about dissertation over Easter-can discuss title but not anything bigger. Term ends Friday 26th.

3 days also available after Easter

Make sure to at least Email is about tile if nothing else before end of term

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