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Word count: 500-1,000 on no more than 5 slides. (references excluded). Note that “notes” left underneath the slides should not be used, and will not be read by the markers. The word limit refers only to the text in the slides. A sixth slide can be used for references only.

In this project your group will provide an account of a contemporary political economy issue that is relevant to an international business . Your task is to create a PowerPoint presentation (maximum 5 slides, 500-1,000 words) that convinces the firm why it needs to understand the issue in question.

For your political economy issue, you will draw from the following list of topics that we have discussed at the beginning of our tutorials this semester:
• We have chosen Climate change. Specifically, forms of protests, legislative change, shareholder activism, etc. that might lead to a new business environment on climate change in the future.
The firm we have chose is Amazon
Successful presentations will:
• Display a sophisticated understanding of the root causes of their political issue, not just an account of recent events. This understanding should inform the presentation’s audience of how durable the issues is, and why the firm must understand it.
• Show a thorough understanding of the firm in question such that specific instances of relevance can be stated rather than generalities. This should refer to the full array of a firm’s operations from financing, marketing, supply chains, etc., focusing on those which will be most affected by your political issue.
• Utilise a wide range of literature from news, industry data, and academic sources to make the above two points. This should be listed on the presentation but will not count toward the word limit.
• Use a balance of images and text (500-1,000 words) on the presentation to make this case. Remember that this is very short, so make sure that you have polished your text thoroughly to avoid duplication and unnecessary information. 1,000 words is a hard limit: any additional words (1,001 or more) will result in marks deducted

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