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Part 1: Essay plan (500 words). 10% of TMA 04 mark.
Part 1 of TMA 04 is linked directly to Part 2, the essay. In Part 1, you are asked to develop and provide an essay plan. You
may choose any format, but an example format is provided in the TMA 03 and 04 essay plan. If you choose a different format,
you are expected to use the same headings and organise the points you make logically. For more guidance on developing
essay plans, please see Week 18 Writing academic essays on childhood.
Part 2: Essay (1500 words). 70% of TMA 04 mark.
During early 2019 school-aged children and young people across the UK went on strike to protest about lack of global political
action on climate change. This drew both praise and condemnation, raising questions such as whether children and young
people have the right to engage in political action and whether they can be deemed competent to contribute to political
decision-making processes.
Drawing on the module Reader and online materials, write an essay to describe, explain and evaluate the proposition that
children and young people have the right and the competence for political action and decision-making.
You should ensure to draw on material from developmental psychology and child rights perspectives in answering your

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