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Below is my abstract and the paper should be built off of this.

Stress is the body’s reaction to internal and external stimuli that interferes with the body’s normal state. It usually upsets this normal state. The stimuli that cause stress can be physical, mental, or emotional. The body has to react to stressful situations which are called the flight-or-fight response. Police officers face many stressful situations during their job.

Most jobs have high rates of stress, but it has been said that police work is the most stressful out of all the jobs. The purpose of my study is to explore the correlation between stress, most frequent stressors and its correlation between police officers. The study will show which popular stressors in police officers that contribute to police violence and brutality.

The type of design used to test the hypothesis of the study is a qualitative instrument of a randomized controlled trial web based community police survey/questionnaire. This design is used because many police departments in the United States now offer online information about their services, programs and crime statistics. Utilizing web based surveys to test the hypothesis of The study allows you to have a number of benefits over conventional paper or face to face methods especially considering the novel COVID-19, distance of the participants as well as their personal/work schedule and mine. The benefits of the web based survey design included more inclusivity allowing me a further reach then postal or phone surveys or direct interviews, potentially including a larger audience.

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