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As the Brigade S1 Senior Human Resources Sergeant, your Commander and 1SG, just notified you that you will be conducting a record ACFT within 2 months. The Commander directed you to develop a 4-Week physical fitness/rehabilitation and reconditioning program to get your Soldiers ready for the ACFT. The previous NCOIC failed to prepare the Soldiers in accordance with ATP 7-22.01 and ATP 7-22.02, which resulted in injury and fatigue. Below you will find several Soldiers with limitations and unique circumstances that require your expertise.

The command team directed you to construct a physical fitness/ rehabilitation and reconditioning program that includes the following Soldiers:

a. Soldier A- Soldier profile (knee) ends twelve days from today’s date (walk at own pace)
b. Soldier B-Soldier profile (shoulder) ends twenty days from today’s date (limitations, no lifting over 20 pounds)
c. Soldier C-Soldier profile (back) ends two months from today’s date (no bending over 45 degrees, no sit-ups)
d. Soldier D-Soldier preparing for Expert Soldier Badge, the assessment begins in six weeks
e. Soldier E- Soldier just arrived from AIT and scored a 325 on the ACFT. During their initial counseling, they stated a desire to increase their overall ACFT score above 500.

Task 1: Using the scenario above, identify the physical components of fitness that
require improvement. Once you have identified the physical components, explain
the reasoning on why you chose that specific component (one paragraph minimum IAW AR 25-50, 12 font Size, Arial font). Note: Physical component must be specific to the Soldier your instructor has assigned you i.e. Soldier A, Soldier B, and Soldier C etc.

Task 2: Using the scenario above, the attached fitness program template, FM 7-22,
ATP 7-22.01, and ATP 7-22.02, develop a fitness program that will assist your platoon with the upcoming ACFT.

Task 3: Complete a deliberate risk assessment worksheet (DRAW, DD Form 2977) that would accompany your PRT session on day one of your plan; five hazards, five controls, and five implementations are required. Only page 1 of 1 is required of the DD form 2977.

Block 1, (Enter the name of the Physical Component for that day)
Block 2 (22 March 2021),
Block 3a-g (your information as the preparer)
Block 3h (FM 7-22),
Block 4 (Enter sub-task)
Block 5 (identify hazard)
Block 6 (initial risk level is LOW for all hazards)
Block 7 (identify control measures)
Block 8 (identify implementation)
Block 9 (residual risk level is LOW for all hazards)
Block 10 (LOW)
Block 11 (insert a recommended course of action)
Block 12 a-c (your SGL’s information)

Due Date: 1 June 2021, NLT 2000. PRT plan and rational paragraph must be submitted as one word document (see example below). PRT plan is on one page followed by your rational paragraph. Email your complete PRT plan, paragraph and DRAW to your SGL as way of submission.

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