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Write a philosophy of health education from a personal perspective,

citing references as sources of data or ideas that are not of personal origin. Define or explain terms used (e.g. “health,” “health education,” “education,” etc.) This is to be a thoughtful, cohesive statement of your perception(s) of health education.

It is not a series of “unattached” or “disjointed” definitions from a variety of authors in the field of health education.

The statement is to provide a description of your belief(s) about what health education is, should be, what it should do and for whom it is intended. Define your ideas and concepts, e.g., comprehensive health program, health education, health, health promotion.

Follow the question to easy working:

1. What is health?

2. What is health education?

3. What topics should be covered in health education?

4. Who should receive health education?

5. How should health education be accessed?

6. What is the goal of health education?

Must be cite and references

Cite references using APA format.

The assignment will be check on Turnitin

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Type of Assignment: Essay
Subject: Healthcare & Medicine
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Paper format: APA
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