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Assignment 3: Persuasive Presentation Design and Delivery
Due Week 9, Sunday (Weight: 25%)
“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” James Humes
For this assignment, you will apply the practices of planning, creating, and delivering an impactful professional
presentation. Identify an important topic for your role, company, or industry. The topic should be something you
care about, and something you want to persuade your listeners to do something about. For example, you may
want to:
• Address your company’s executive leadership team about relaxing your office dress code
• Persuade your department head to reconsider their remote work policy
• Convince your boss that you deserve a promotion to your company’s leadership team
Think carefully about how to define the major objectives of your presentation, so that you can design and deliver
your presentation with those objectives clearly in mind.
Follow the steps below to prepare your slide deck and create your video presentation in Zoom:

  1. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation slide deck for a topic of your choice, related to your workplace or
    career interests. It should be designed to persuade your listeners to act on your words. It is
    recommended that your slide deck contain no more than 12 slides, including a cover slide and a
    references slide if needed.
  2. Apply slide design best practices: use brief slide headings and minimal text, include images and/or
    charts, and format your slides professionally
  3. Deliver a presentation with a time limit of 6 to 8 minutes, using Zoom. The video must include both
    you and your slides. The main focus is you, the speaker, with the slides providing support for your
    ideas and overall message.
  4. Be sure to utilize and to exhibit all the presentation and video best practices listed below.
    Note: See your Blackboard course for instructions on using Zoom.

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