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write a report assessing your own personal creativity, based on concepts and techniques discussed in class. The report should detail the insights you gained from applying the concepts discussed in the course to try to stimulate your own creativity. The report should include

i) Descriptions of what you did to generate ideas (what was the process)

ii) What ideas you came up with as a result of that process

iii) MOST IMPORTANTLY your critical reflections on how effective the process was

and why it did or did not work (drawing on ideas from the course). I am primarily interested in what insights you had about your own creativity, and creativity more generally, as a result of trying to apply the ideas discussed in the course.

The total page limit is 2500 words excluding supplementary material like figures, pictures, tables, references and other appendices. Supplementary material will not be explicitly graded, but I will use it to provide context or background to your work where it is helpful or necessary.

Your assignments will be graded according to the following criteria:- Whether you use appropriate concepts from the course to ground your analysis

– How well you apply the course concepts to your own creative process

– Your critical evaluation of the concepts (why the concept is or is not useful)

– Your thoughtfulness in developing and reflecting on your own creative process

& ways to improve your creativity

– The style, structure, and readability of your report

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