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Personal Characteristics
Learning from others is enhanced in educational settings that include individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Please describe your personal characteristics (background, talents, skills, etc.) or experiences that would add to the educational experience of others.(2500)
Mechanical Engineering math physic tutoring paaaion for teaching
Cell phone repair
I am a mechanical engineer who decided to pursue dentistry. I also worked in both the engineering field and office. I was part of projects that involve designing to fabricating, and ultimately testing. I believe my engineering background and previous knowledge of material make me a great candidate for research related to dentistry. The idea of analyzing the stress and strength of teeth in different conditions would be an excellent subject for a future research project in dentistry.
I tutor math and physics for a long time, which helps me become an expert in these subjects. It also helps me to obtain the ability to help everyone with those topics. Most importantly, after years of tutoring, I know how to encounter new subjects, excel in them, and comprehend issues. In addition, I have a passion for helping students who struggle in courses and discussing issues which ultimately leads to a better understanding of concepts.
Besides my background in mechanical engineering, I was exposed to some advanced research projects. It makes me prepared for any research procedure and reliable because I can understand how to establish a research plan and reach its final goal. In addition, I know time management, responsibility, collaboration, and teamwork. I have a few publications in journal articles and conferences that back my idea. My master’s thesis was a collaborative research program between my University and Clarkson University in New York. It took a year and a half and elevated my academic ability to collaborate and have teamwork.
I try my best to promote my leadership ability in real life. I always have a problem balancing between work and study. It was challenging to have more than 16 credit hours per semester with a high GPA and at the same time working to overcome expenses. I start to look up how to start a business, resulting in two outcomes: First, it leads to a flexible working schedule, and second have a higher earning with less time. Among all possible businesses, the cell phone repair business needs less initial expenses and can be done in a mobile fashion. I started to learn how to fix cell phones, and after a while, I achieve the certificate to practice cell phone repair business. At first, starting a business and handling it was challenging for me by managing time

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