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Analysis of Panorama: ‘The River Pollution Scandal’


Instructions and guidanceThe object of this assignment is to produce a detailed analysis of the specified text. This is not the same as a conventional essay.

The main focus of your analysis should be the form of the text — how it is structured, how it employs filmic, documentary and television techniques to convey its meaning, the various ways in which its producers have selected, represented and derived material from the real world, and so on.

Of course, you will also need to pay some attention to the content as well in order to achieve this. An effective analysis is evaluative and not just descriptive, so you should also explore how, why and whether the text achieves what it sets out to, and how its form contributes to this.


John Corner (1996), The Art of Record. Manchester: Manchester University Press (chapters 3-10)John Corner and Annette Hill (2006), ‘Value, Form and Viewing in Current Affairs Television: Tonight with Trevor McDonald’. Journal of British Cinema and Television, 3 (1).

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