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Research Paper Rubric
Phase 2-Design (Due by WEEK 6)
Students will continue their research topic, in this paper students will perform a brief literature review on the topic (Will need at least 5 support articles) and provide the desired methodology for the project. Paper will be approximately 5-6 pages.

1. Brief literature review
2. Methodology and design of the study (Be detailed )
3. Sampling methodology
4. Necessary tools
5. Any algorithms or flow maps created.

I would like to use the qualitative research method for this research.

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This will be considered a Library Assignment as you will need to visit the library to obtain information.

Type Of Service: Academic paper writing
Type Of assignment: Research Paper
Subject: Nursing
Pages/words: 5/1375
Number of sources: 5
Academic Level: Master’s
Paper Format: APA
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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