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Overcoming mechanisms of resistance to anti-angiogenic treatments
targeting the VEGF system

Type of Project
Literature; Individual Project

Project Description
The aim of this project is to evaluate an aspect of the mechanisms of resistance to therapies
which target the VEGF induced signalling system, the direction of the project to be agreed
with the student according to their interests. Tumour growth and metastasis rely on
angiogenesis, and many therapies targeting the VEGF signalling system have been
developed. However, despite promising preclinical results, VEGF/VEGFR targeted
monotherapies have not shown substantial clinical benefits. The minimal response in the
clinic may be underpinned by primary or acquired resistance, due to the activation of
alternative mechanisms that sustain tumour vascularisation. Understanding these
mechanisms allows novel approaches to overcome resistance and improve patient

Research Areas
Cancer / Oncology, Cell Biology

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