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Write the second part of a three part organizational strategic plan that will constitute your final project, a strategic plan, according to Kaufman’s model (pp. 45 & 85). For this second project add 3-5 pages to your revised Paper 1. Include the following sections:

1) Analyze Scope & SWOT: Looking outside the organization to its customers and industry, do a SWOT analysis (chap. 9, Table 9.4) in a chart format and interpret the organization’s environment.

2) Needs Assessment: Needs are to be defined as gaps in results, not as insufficient inputs, resources, tactics, means, or methods (Chapter 5, table 5.19). Your Key Result Areas and Strategic Objectives in the next section should derive from your current and Desired Results in this section.

3) Specify Strategic Objectives: Once again, focusing on your organizational client, answer the following questions (Kaufman et al, pp. 206, 212).

What are our key result areas / desired results at the Mega – Macro and Micro level?

See Table 7.11 for how to lay out your desired results. Your project should have a table such as this, organized by rows: Mega, Macro and Micro levels (as in Table 7.13) and containing columns: Key Result Areas, Performance Criteria and SMARTER Objectives.

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