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What to Write After Lab
First you have to evaluate your data and analyze your results. Some basic calculations will often be necessary, such as % yield and recovery.
In your report you should include the results of the analyses you performed, such
as running a TLC plate or measuring a melting point. You should also include any
spectra you recorded, as well as your analysis of the spectra. What information can
you ascertain from reading the spectra?
You must also draw some conclusions and write a discussion. This is where you
demonstrate your understanding of what happened in the experiment. You discuss
the results you obtained and draw whatever conclusions you can. Give the proposed mechanism for the reaction in question, if appropriate. Your report can also
contain discussion of the following topics:
• What did you expect to happen?
• What actually happened?
• Why did it happen?
• What can explain the differences between your expectations and the actual
What did you learn about the reliability and limitations of the techniques
• What did you learn about the reliability and limitations of the equipment
• What did you learn about the chemistry?
• How could your results have been improved?
• What could this chemistry or technique be applied to?
The whole purpose of this part of the report is to convince your instructor that you
really understand what you did in the lab, and why, and where it can lead to, etc.
Finally, make sure you cite your data and observations while explaining and interpreting your result.
Various formats for reporting the results of the laboratory experiments may be
used. You may write the report directly in your notebook, or your instructor may
require a more formal report that you write separately from your notebook. When
you do original research, these reports should include a detailed description of all

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