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Task is to create the first part of a research grant proposal (the key parts above). You will need to come up with a research idea and create a title for your proposal; something that precisely and efficiently describes what you will be investigating. Your introduction will cover the research that has already been conducted in this area, how it supports your idea, and also outline the basic premise of your idea. Crucially, the introduction will justify why this work must be conducted. This justification must be very strong, very persuasive and completely evidence-based. After your introduction you will state your main research aims and hypotheses (what the study aims to do and what results you expect). You will finish with a bullet point plan for your research methodology; if you propose a single study then include some bullet points on the key aspects of your study (e.g. sample, design, variables, data collection, etc.). If you include more than one study, then the above applies, but you can be more concise about the details for each study. Your idea should be ethically plausible, and while there are no limits on resources, try to keep the proposal plausible (do not plan work that would require 10,000 researchers across 100 countries costing 10 trillion pounds).

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