What do students need to do?

  1. You will need to commit yourself to a workshop for both Weeks 12 and 13 [NB: Week
    11 and Week 13 workshops for Monday workshop students]. We cannot manage
    students moving between workshops in relation to this in-workshop negotiation
    simulation as it will impact on the quality experience of the negotiation simulation.
    You must ensure that you attend your workshop in Week 12 and 13 to participate in
    the negotiation simulation. [Monday workshop students must ensure you attend your
    workshops in Week 11 and Week 13 to participate in the negotiation simulation.]
  2. Your roles for Negotiation Simulation 2 have been confirmed by your workshop
    facilitators/tutors – please check the Announcements (re: posted from 24 March 2021
    Negotiation Simulation 2
    to 26 March 2021) that list the role allocations for each workshop. All students must
    have a role by the end of Week 9. If you do not have a role, you will be unable to
    participate in the assessment task. Therefore, it is crucial that you take individual
    responsibility for ensuring that you have a role for the Negotiation Simulation 2
    Assessment task. Please contact the Unit Convenor, Jane Diedricks, if you need to
    discuss your allocation.
  3. Your individual participation during Negotiation Simulation 2 in the Week 12 and
    Week 13 workshops (Week 11 and 13 for Monday workshops students) will be
    assessed for the purposes of your grade for the Assessment Task. The mark will be
    out of 10 and will go towards the total mark for Negotiation Simulation 2 (which is
    worth 40% of your total grade for the unit)
  4. An individual negotiation strategy/written sub

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