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Answer the following questions based on the video link above:

1] What is the definition of class? How do they define capitalism?

2] How are working class men portrayed in television? and Why?

3] How are working class women portrayed in television? and Why?

4] How are people of color portrayed in television?

5] What are the critiques of capitalism in the video?

Content of Answer
Responses to questions must fully answer all parts of a question with an emphasis on detail, specific information and completion of answer. There should be detailed references to specific aspects of the video.

Critical analysis of the video material is crucial. As is any application of the topics and issues brought up in the video. This can include references to material in the text book or lectures or current events. Here is where you demonstrate how much you understand what sociology and the “sociological imagination” is in reference to this video. You would know not to include personal opinions and anecdotal evidence in your answer.

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Type of assignment: Mutiple choice Questions(Time-framed)
Subject: Sociology
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Academic level: High school
Paper format: MLA
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