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Module 3 Background MGT422 Decision Making for Leaders
Required Material
Read in detail on group decision making with the following readings:
Anderson, D. R. (1990). Increased productivity via group decision making. Supervision, 51(9), 6
Brain tools (2017). Brainstorming: Generating many radical, creative ideas. Retrieved on 18 March 2017 from
CDC (2017). Gaining consensus among stakeholders through the nominal group technique. Retrieved on 18 March 2018 from
Haughey, D. (2017). Delphi technique: A step-by-step guide. Retrieved on 18 March 2017 from
Sims, R. R. (2002). Chapter 8: Decision making. Managing Organizational Behavior. Westport, CT, USA: Greenwood Press, pp. 205-210. Note – you don’t have to read the whole chapter, just the section on group decision-making]

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