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Assessment 4 – Example
Research question:
What general statements can be made about peoples’ understanding of, and self help for,
In response to Helen Macpherson’s article, many people responded, discussing their
opinions about the symptoms and causes of depression.
Upon analysis of the conversation, there is an evident difference in opinion regarding
understanding depression and the factors that affect self-management of
depression. Simply, Spinks described depression as feelings of prolonged sadness;
however, in the conversation, Taylor disagrees, and interprets depression to be more
complex. His opinion is that depression is multifactorial and states that there are
multiple medical treatments available. Conversely, Forbes briefly mentioned the
Buddhist perspective of materialistic items, and the potential consequences when
they are removed. In the conversation, Forbes and Taylor recognise that depression
is more complex and agree that there are multiple influences that contribute to
depression management, such as medicines or possessions, than what Spinks
initially stated.
Depression was described a “chemical imbalance within the brain” (Forbes), and this
imbalance can be treated with medication. In the conversation, Saunders, D.
disagreed with Forbes’ statement and believes that treatment often fails due to
depression being “individualistic”. Creighton mentioned that medication is beneficial;
however, Saunders, D. noted that generalised medication regimens are failing and
need be tailored to the patient optimise therapy. MacGillivray and Mogg added to this
by mentioning the importance of keeping the mind stimulated. They suggested
engaging with others and working on the other five points discussed in the original
article to achieve this. As discussed, although medication can be effective, it is vital
that treatment is individualised to ensure successful management of depression.
In regards to environmental influences, Creighton acknowledges that there are
successful treatment options available that can assist people to “cope with quite
serious physical conditions fairly happily”. However, Creighton also mentioned that in
some circumstances, despite having a healthy environment, people continue to
suffer. Saunders, D. concurs and recalled from her personal experiences that even
being in a social and supportive environment, she still felt alone and depressed. In
contrast, Creighton emphasised the importance of spending time with family and
friends in darker times of depression. It is evident through this conversation that
environment is an influential factor; however, does not always ensure the
improvement of depression.
Education is a prominent theme throughout the conversation and is fundamental in
promoting correct self-management of depression. Niven talked about how patients
should be educated on how to self-manage depression. Providing resources not only
to the patient, but their family, can help to spread information. Continuing with the
concept of education, Niven also stressed the importance of educating family and
friends to assist the person in attaining ‘better mental health.” Saunders, D. and Kerr
agreed with Niven’s point of view, and both referred to accessible resources either
online or at doctor clinics. The commenters agree that education and family support
are integral to improve self-management of depression.
Depression is a condition that can affect not only the brain but the whole body and
therefore clinicians recommend proper diet and exercise alongside medications.
Creighton acknowledged the significance of a “good diet and regular exercise” in her
depression management, and emphasised the importance of self-care. The
magnitude of healthy eating was further explored by Strous, strengthening his
statement by linking a TED-Talk video. Kerr spoke more about the importance of
exercising to improve self-manage depression from information he found at his
doctor’s clinic. The combination of diet and exercise is a common theme recognised
throughout the conversation, to improve success in improving depression

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