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You should define listed concepts for each question. Identify in which reading material the concepts are mentioned, define and explain them, and use the concepts to answer the questions. Suggested citation format is: (author’s last name, page number)

Question 1. Describe what the object of your choice is. Explain how the object of your choice operates in the world as media or/and technology, using at least 2 concepts listed below. (30 points)

+ Theories of Media and Culture, and Communication

Media and “mediation” (Peters)

Precarity (Precarity Manifesto)

Standing reserve (Heidegger)

Politics of things (Winner)

Question 2. Explain how the object of your choice engages with subjects of media and technology, using at least 4 concepts listed below. (40 points)

+ Subjects of Media, Culture, and Communication

Free labor

Societies of control


Sameness in cultural products

Community formation via digital media


Counter-hegemonic culture.

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