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During the Easter season, the bakery “Nice Treats” operates as a “click away” business. It receives orders for four products: “tsoureki”, “bread”, “cookies” and “flaounas”. An order has a 30% probability of containing “tsoureki”, 20% probability containing “bread”, 15% probability for “cookies” and 35% probability for flaounas.

Each order contains one of these products in a specified quantity. For each of the products, the oven has a special workstation, where the ingredients are mixed. The ingredients are available in unlimited quantities. When the ingredients for a product are mixed, then each order is placed on a tray.

The trays are mounted on a trolley and brought in the oven on a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) manner. If a disc remains on the shelf for 6 hours, then the contents are considered expired and are discarded. There are four trainees and one baker.

Each of the trainees is assigned to a mixing station. The baker is responsible for baking. After baking, each product waits to be packaged. Whoever is available (trainee / baker) takes over the packaging. The packaged items come out of the oven.

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