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Create an R Notebook with the appropriate name and do the following:
FIRST: copy each question into your notebook so that I know what question you are answering. Include the question as a numbered section heading using R Markdown to format the header.
Question 1) Save the even numbers between 100 and 900 as an object called evens. HINT: the seq function can be use to specify start number, end number and the step such that:
seq(10, 20, 3) would give you:
10, 13, 16, 19
Question 2) Next, write a block of R code (or several blocks if you prefer) that calculates
a) the mean of evens
b) the sample variance of evens
c) the population variance of evens
Load the file smarts.rds provided on Moodle. The file contains a dataframe called “smarts” and two columns labeled “dogs” and “ravens”.
1) Write a block of code to calculate
a. the mean of the column called “dogs”.
b. population standard deviation (square root of variance) of the column called “dogs”.
2) Write a separate block of code to calculate the mean and population standard deviation of the column called “ravens”.
3) Once you have these code blocks executing in the notebook, try knitting the document to a pdf or MS Word file. If knitting fails and you receive an error — Why? Correct the error by copying the appropriate line from history (in the environment tab), or by finding the line by scrolling back through the input in the R console. Verify that the document will now knit to a pdf document correctly.
Save the final MS Word or pdf and upload it to Moodle to be graded.

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