UCD’s late submission policy will be applied
• Only PDF uploads will be accepted. You can hand write if you like, but must come as
PDF and not JPEG, DOCX etc
• No late work will be accepted once the solutions are posted (Friday 9:00 am following
the deadline). Work submitted after the deadline and up until the solutions are posted
will automatically be docked one grade point (A+ → A).
• If you have extenuating circumstances for late submission, communicate these early.
No requests for extensions at midnight the night before.
• Answers will be checked for originality:
o Don’t just copy from the book: Rewrite in your own words to illustrate your
o Don’t just copy from other sources: Use proper citation. No block quotations.
o Don’t copy from each other – identical answers will both be marked zero.
• All questions (and parts of questions) carry equal marks

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Type of assignment: Calculation
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Academic level: Undergraduate
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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