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Topic: Managing Human Resources


instructions to students:

You have 24 hours to complete the Time Constrained Assignment

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Answer Both questions: Part A (50%) and Part B (50%)

Begin each question in a separate page; label each page clearly with the number of the question you are answering.

In answering the questions, you are expected to refer to relevant theoretical concepts and frameworks

When referring to an academic source in your answers, you are expected to provide full bibliographic details and references section for each question.

This is an individual assignment. Policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism.

Read this assignment brief carefully

Part A – 1200 words

Managing Performance

Develop a business case for managing performance in the workplace and its contribution to creating and sustaining a high-performance work organisation..

 You must include a definition of performance management using academic sources to support

You must discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different performance measures with examples

You must identify how managers should address poor performance in the workplace giving consideration to policies and practices.

Your responses should be fully supported using credible academic references

Part B – 1200 words


Discuss the reasons why employees leave an organisation and the impact this can have on organisational performance. You should evaluate the need for organisations to maximise employee retention and of develop and implement retention strategies.

You must demonstrate understanding of the issues pertaining to retention of employees and talent management

You must discuss the advantages and disadvantages of staff turnover within both large and small organisations (are they different or are they similar)

Your responses should be fully supported using credible academic references

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