The essay should address the two sections given below.
The word length for the 1st section (game reflection) is
500 words maximum. The word length for the 2nd
section(product/service supply chain) is 1,000 words
maximum (excluding references). Electronic
submissions are possible (Refer to Sussex Direct for
submission deadline).
Section 1: Gameplay and reflection (30 marks)
Students are challenged to play the on-line operations
and supply chain simulation game offered by McGraw
Hill CONNECT, as part of the module’s smart book. The
game is conducted over 5 rounds with the first four
rounds being a tutorial.; round 1 (module1) relates to the
production process, round 2 (module 2) relates to
managing suppliers, round 3 (module 3) relates to
forecasting and contracts, round 4 (module4) relates to
human resources and capacity planning. Round 5
(Module 6) are played independently by the students
where they need to make strategic supply chain
decision to optimize the business net worth by the end
Game Play
a) The students are assessed on the effort and their
demonstrated learning ability while playing the game.
The gameplay of this part of the assessment makes up
40% out of the 30 marks for section 1, or 12 marks for
gameplay. (40%*30marks = 12 marks)
Learning ability = change in performance over attempts/
time (change in performance refers to the substantial
change from negative to positive, positive to positive
and/or change in the weighted score
Effort = the student’s demonstration of the formulation of
the strategy, execution of ideas, time spent, and number
of attempts)
Written reflection section based on Game Play (60% out

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