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Assume the role of a Change Management Consultant to assess the change readiness of an organisation of your choice (you may choose your own organisation) and write a report that addresses specific change management issues including recommending strategies for your organisation.
Learning Outcomes
• Demonstrate advanced understanding of theories of planned change, a range of established change management approaches, and their applicability in organisational settings. (LO#1).
• Assume a leading role in critically evaluating organisational and behavioral issues that may affect the change process and recommend strategies to combat these issues. (LO#2).
• Analyse complex organisational issues including any ethical considerations in relation to a planned change initiative. (LO#3).
• Formulate, effectively communicate and implement change initiatives and strategies for organisations. (LO#4).
For this assessment, you are required to write a report that addresses the following:

  1. Provide a brief description of your chosen organisation including its organisational culture. Be sure to provide enough detail in your description to set up the discussion for the remainder of the change management issues which follow.
  2. Discuss the key types of changes for your organisation and its industry/sector.
  3. Evaluate your organisation’s current positioning with these key types of changes.
  4. Recommend strategies for your organisation to meet these key types of changes.
  5. After drafting your response, check it against the marking criteria for this task. Make sure it is free of errors and submit it for marking by the due date.
    [Updated changes in red on 18th May 2021]
    • The required word length for this assessment is 3,000 words (plus 10% tolerance).
    • Acknowledge the sources of facts appropriately. Use a minimum of eight (8) references. Adopt the author-date style of referencing – see the AIB Style Guide.
    • All references must be from credible sources such as recent academic articles, books, industry related journals, magazines, and company documents.
    • Your grade will be adversely affected if your response does not acknowledge the sources of information you have used (see Assessment Policy available on the AIB website).
    • Utilise the suggested structure below:
    o Cover Page
    o Table of Contents
    o Executive Summary (approximately 150 words). Not included in the word limit.
    o Introduction (approximately 200 words)
    o Body of report (approximately 2,600 words)
    o Conclusion (approximately 200 words)
    o On a new page: Reference List (you must reference a minimum of eight (8) sources). Not included

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