3.1 Task
The assignment consists of two portfolios – Portfolio 1 consists of 70 marks and Portfolio 2 consists of
30 marks. Students are expected to read both Portfolios thoroughly and to answer all the required
questions in a structured and organised manner.
Portfolio 1:
You have been working as a finance manager of a company. Chief financial officer of the company has
decided to invest in shares in either of these two companies described below these two companies and
he has asked for your help in making such decision.
(i) Marks and Spencer Plc
M&S is one of the UK’s leading retailers. The company management is committed to making every
moment special for customers, through our high quality, own-brand Food, Clothing & Home products in
1,433 stores worldwide and online. M&S sells beautifully designed, high quality, own-brand clothing and
homeware through 343 full-line stores, Outlets and M&S.com website. The Womenswear, Menswear,
1 The grade is provisional until confirmed by the relevant assessment board(s). Your work will be marked in grades
rather than percentages. This is considered to deliver the most accurate and fair outcomes for students. Each
assessment that you undertake will be assessed using the common grading system. Information about the grading
system can be found in your Student Handbook, Section 10.
The Grade Criteria can be found in Appendix C of your Student Handbook.
Assessment Brief: LSBM203 – 2020-21 Page 3
Kids wear, Lingerie, Beauty and Home products account for 40% of UK turnover. Further information
can be found through Marks and Spenser website and recent annual report online.

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