Case Assignment #1, Graham Construction

Read IT’s About Business 2.2, Graham Construction Digitizes Travel Expense Business
Process, Chapter 2, p. 39

Note that for grades to be awarded, case answers must be different for each
question part of the assignment.

Good examples satisfy the three characteristics provided.

This means that each example needs to:

(i) link to the specified case using terms specific to the business and functional area

under discussion,

(ii) clearly illustrate the concept or theory being addressed or examined using an

example and

(iii) differentiate from other theories, by being specific enough that your example

could not readily apply to other concepts or theories, i.e. provide enough

information to illustrate WHY the example is relevant to the concept or theory being


A. (1 mark, for an example)

Consider the following potential job position at Graham Construction. Provide one

example of an action that could have been taken by the employee at Graham

Construction in the context of Table 1.2 (Section 1.1, p. 9) The Changing Role of the

Information Systems Department. The action example should relate to the case and

be plausible for a construction company such as Graham Construction.

Systems Analyst (see also Table 1.1, Section 1.1, p. 7)

B. (2 marks, 1 mark for each example. Refer to Section 1.2 p. 12)

Provide an example of how the new expense management system at Graham

Construction could have required changes to the following two components of the

company’s computer-based information systems:

(i) Network

(ii) Database

C. (3 marks, 1 mark for each example. Refer to Section 2.1, p. 35)

Provide an example of how the new expense reporting system at Graham Construction

could have or did improve the efficiency or effectiveness of each of the three

fundamental elements of the expenses busines process.

(i) Inputs

(ii) Resources

(iii) Outputs

D. (4 marks, 1 mark for each example. Refer to Section 2.4, p. 53-55)

For the first four of Porter’s five Competitive Forces in his Competitive Forces Model

provide an example (that is related to the use of information technology and the Internet)

that illustrates the force and explains how it could apply to Graham Construction.

(i) The threat of entry of new competitors:

(ii) The bargaining power of suppliers:

(iii) The bargaining power of customers:

(iv) The threat of substitute products or services.

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