. Instructions to Learners
Purpose of this Distance Learning Activity

This Distance Learning Activity will develop your knowledge and understanding of reviewing and evaluating financial management plans.

What you are required to do

For this Distance Learning Activity, you are required to answer the following questions.


To complete this Distance Learning Activity, please refer to the resources below:
• BSBFIN501 Manage budgets and financial plans learner guide – supplied on Moodle

How to submit your Distance Learning Activity

Always submit your Distance Learning Activity on time by the due date. Your completed Distance Learning Activity must be uploaded onto Moodle by 11.55pm on Sunday of week 4.

File naming convention
When submitting your Distance Learning Activity, use the following naming convention
• Unit of Competency code (ie. BSBFIN501)
• ‘DLA’ followed by the week number
• Your first name and initial of last name. Capitalise only the first letter of names. Then insert a dash, followed by submission attempt.
Hence as an example of incorporating the three points above your file name or subject line should appear this way: BSBFIN501 DLA 4 – JessieA #1

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